I’ve been trying to put together a properly huge easter playlist, containing music from all over the world, both secular and religious. I have to say it’s kind of difficult, especially with the constraint of only including music that actually alludes to easter per se. The easter atmosphere is considerably more multifaceted than the Christmas one, and the music varies endelssly in mood, which I guess is why so few have chosen to work with the theme. Why don’t pop musicians release easter albums? Heck, besides specifically liturgical ones for use in church, how many actual complete easter albums are there at all? I have only found one classical work, Foerster’s fourth symphony, which isn’t even on here. Novelty singles, balkan brass, samba, lebanese chanting, russian schmaltz, jesus freak electro-rock, gospel, Vivaldi, whatever though, are definitely possible to find.

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Itz Tiffany – Fake London Boy

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Itz Tiffany – AKYEE WO! 

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Posted both for the music and for the highly problematic hipster meta-understanding imposed on it. Be wary.

Chief Keef – They Know

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Pilipili & Kelma – Ugali


Propaganda poster used by Senator Joe McCarthy in the mid 1950s.

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loadsofjoy said: I'm sorry, but do you live in Mozambique?

No, I don’t (I live in Stockholm, Sweden). I do think that the recent-ish music of Mozambique is very interesting, with its broad set of influences lying between regional power houses South Africa and (as it used to be, at least) Tanzania, and reaching towards the rest of the lusophone world in cool ways. (I like a lot of the older Tsonga-language stuff too.) I get the sense though that perhaps that’s not what you’re asking me, rather: what’s a white, western guy like me doing appropriating music from accross the globe without connection to the communities in question? I must admit I’m not sure I have an entirely satisfactory answer to that question, but I’ve made one attempt at talking about it here. And I do want to discuss it more.

G2 – Anjo Apaixonado

Galena & Costi – Mnogo Mi Otivash

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